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Are people living on the coast more prone to joint problems?

Q: My sister stays in Goa. She relocated from Pune to Goa after marriage. And when she moved in after 6 months or so, she started developing joints and bones pain. We have observed that this happens very frequently when the rainy season starts. However, she feels pain throughout the year. Whenever she is back in Pune for a month or so, she feels alright and cured. We have given her a treatment for arthritis from well known doctors from Pune but did not get the right results. Have started applying Ayurvedic medicines which has given a bit of relief to her but still she is not completely cured. I read on TV that people who stay near the coast, have this tendency to develop because of high fluoride content. Is it true? Also can you suggest us the medicines and therapy for this. We have also taken a help of physiotherapist but in vain. Awaiting for your help.

A:It is true that rainy season and humid weather can produce joint and muscle pains but before you take it for granted that this is what your sister has, you must make all efforts to make sure that she is not suffering from any type of arthritis, calcium and vitamin-D deficiency and hormonal imbalance and all these can be confirmed by a physician.


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