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Are colas harmful to the health and environment?

Q: Are fizzy or soft drinks as harmful as they are portrayed? After all, beer is also consumed in large quantities (especially in western countries), but it isn't criticized for its fizziness. What are the effects of aerated drinks? I am particularly concerned about the acidity due to dissolved carbon dioxide. I often get e-mails saying that colas are being used as toilet cleaners, as they containing pesticides. They also lead to loss of calcium and dental damage, stomach-lining problems, etc. Despite all these, I see no serious attempts to ban them or their advertising. Please advise.

A:There are many people who see the pleasures and conveniences of life as being detrimental to health and to the environment. Anything from alcohol to cleaning fluid can be used in a way that overtaxes the body and can lead to disease. We all know that excess alcohol is harmful, but it should be recognized that compulsive drinking of water or other non-alcoholic fluids would suggest underlying diabetes or a neurotic dependency on drinking excess fluid perhaps comparable to non-stop chewing of gum. Such activities may be a bad habit of people in a stressful new age society of money to spend on luxuries such as cola. However, the immediate consequences of excessive individual use may lead to a lot of gas. The decision then becomes an individual issue of the polite expulsion of the consequent flatulence.


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