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Are ayurvedic medicines helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis?

Q: I am 28 years old. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 4 years ago. My rheumatologist started with Methotraxate and steroids. I had rheumatic fever at the age of 3 but it was overlooked once the condition got better. I tried to switch to ayurvedic medicines after 6 months, but failed to keep up with too many medications and their timely intake. I started having pain in my stomach. I then switched back to allopathic rheumatologist's advise, which was methotraxate and Enbrel (25 mg twice a week). Now I am in India and decided to try ayurvedic medicines again. I left Enbrel 4 months ago and methotraxate 10 months ago. This decision was based on side-effects of these medications. ESR rate is still not in control and morning stiffness etc. are still an issue. Should I try ayurvedic medicines, as it has not shown any great effects except for the massage treatment?

A:Those who know Ayruvedic Medicine scriptures had once shown me some Sanskrit verse that clearly said Rheumatoid Arthritis is amavata - a disease of tridosha... it is asadhya (untreatable) You have really wasted your precious time in Ayurvedic medicines. During this time your disease would have caused further progression of joint damage. Modern scientific medicines are excellent. They can easily and fully treat this disease. Adverse effects of medicines are almost the same as taking calculated risk while stepping out on Delhi roads for a walk or taking train journey (accidents do occur but that is a calculated risk that we take), or taking a flight. Actually, taking food (imbalanced food that most of us Indians take) is much more harmful that taking wonderful new medicines for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It has been proven most scientifically that RA if left untreated shortens life-span due to increasing complications of the disease on different body systems. On the other hand correctly treating RA with DMARD-combos and anti-TNF drugs the health is completely restored and life expectancy returns to normal.


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