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Am I suffering from tuberculosis?

Q: I noticed a small lump on the left side of my neck. I consulted a doctor who advised me to get FNAC test. In that report tuberculosis (TB) was diagnosed. I also got my chest x-ray and ESR blood test done. They both were normal. I have no symptoms of TB like fever, pain or weight loss. How can I confirm that it is TB, before going for an ATT? Is TB fully curable? Can this type of TB be transmitted through breath or contact?

A:Were microbiology investigations (smear for AFB - ZN/DF stain and AFB culture) done to diagnose TB? AFB smear / culture & sensitivity would have provided definitive evidence about the diagnosis of TB. If these were not done it would be advisable to go for these investigations before starting treatment, since your other investigations are normal and you do not have any symptoms. TB is fully curable provided you follow the treatment under medical supervision. TB lymphadenitis cannot be transmitted to other people ordinarily, unless there is a lung involvement.


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