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Am I suffering from a sexually transmitted disease?

Q: I had anal sex with a middle age man almost 4 years back. Within a few months itching started on my penis and the sides of scrotum. This ultimately resulted in white spots and blisters on my penis. There was also swelling and pain in the right testis and lower abdomen. I consulted a doctor in a government hospital, where the doctor did a HIV test, and the result was okay. Then he gave me a medicine called aclyvior, vitamin tablet and a lotion called clocin. He also advised me not to eat non-vegetarian food and drink lots of fluid. He advised me to refrain from further sex with anyone and I followed the advice. After using the medicine the problem was solved. But now it recurs sometimes when I am ill due to fever or cough and cold or during depression and anxiety. Then when I follow the same medicine, the problem again vanishes. I am getting married next month. Kindly advise me what I can do to solve this problem permanently. Is there is any chance of passing this disease to my wife?

A:You seem to have herpes genitalis. Initially there are blisters, which rupture to form ulcers. It is a life long infection and recurs whenever the body resistance goes down. However with the passage of time it becomes less severe and less frequent. The probability of passing on the infection to the partner is the highest when active lesions are present. Asymptomatic shedding of the virus is well documented. What this means is that viruses are released in some cases from the genitals even when there are no lesions. Thus one can pass on the infections even when the person, by naked eye examination, appears to be normal.


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