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ACL reconstruction

Q: About 8-9 years back, I had an Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction in left knee. A tendon from the same knee (left) replaced the ruptured ACL with two screws on either end. I have no major problems since then. However, I believe my left thigh muscle does not seem to have completely developed to its fullest and consequently (sub-consciously) I tend to put more pressue on my right leg even while walking or standing. As a result of this my right leg (esp. behind the thigh and knee) pains a bit. Is there anything I can do to build up my left thigh muscle (without putting any great pressure on the screws or the reconstruction). Any recomended exercises? Is usage of any knee support (not brace) recomended, while doing the exercise, to minimise the pressure on the knee? My daily or regular schedule does not include any special sport or physcial strain except for normal walks to work and usual standing etc.

A:There is no need to worry about the strain on screws after so many years. You can have them removed also.
There is also no need to worry about building your muscles. Muscle strength is what is required to support your knee joint.
You can do the following exercises:
a)Sit on the bed with legs straight. Press your knee so as to tighten your thigh muscles. Relax. You can do this exercise for 5 minutes every one hour. This exercise can be done in standing or sitting with the leg stretched out.
b)Sit on the edge of a table so that the feet are off the floor. Tie a 3 Kg. weight on your ankle. Straighten your leg. You can build it up to 6 Kg. over 1 to 1.5 months. You can do this exercise thrice a day for 10 counts.
If you have pain and feel your knee is very weak, you can use a brace till your muscles strengthen. I hope my reply will be useful to you.


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