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How is it caused?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Written by : DoctorNDTV Team

The exact reason for the cancerous growth of cells is not known. There are certain factors that do not cause cancers by themselves, but make a person more at risk for the development of cancer. Some of the factors that increase the risk of the disease are:

  • Cancer tends to run in families. The risk for cancer increases for a person if one or more of his family members suffer from the disease.
  • Women who have never had children.
  • Women who have had breast or colon cancer.
  • Regular usage of fertility drugs.
Oral contraceptives containing oestrogen and progesterone are protective although progesterone may be responsible for this.

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Posted by : urbashi, on Friday, March 26, 2010
Good effort for common awarness about the disease as it is happening to most of the women now a days.
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