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Managing temper tantrums


Managing temper tantrums

  • Try to remain calm. If you shout or become angry, it is likely to make things worse. Remember, the more attention you give to his behaviour, the more likely it is to happen again.

  • Minor displays of anger such as crying, screaming, or kicking can usually be ignored. Stand nearby or hold the child without talking until he calms down.

  • If you cannot stay calm, leave the room. Wait a minute or two, or until his crying stops, before returning. Then help him get interested in something else. If the child is old enough, talk about what happened and discuss other ways to deal with it next time.

  • You should never punish the child for temper tantrums. He may start to keep his anger or frustration inside, which can be unhealthy. Your response to tantrums should be calm and understanding.

  • It is important to realise that temper tantrums are a normal part of growing up. Tantrums are not easy to deal with but a loving, understanding and consistent approach will help a child through this part of his development.

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