Section Editor: Dr Nimesh Desai
Professor & Head, Department of PsychiatryMedical Superintendent, I.H.B.A.S., New Delhi
Discrimination is antithesis of equality.... It is the recognition of equality which will foster dignity of every individual,” reads the Delhi High Court judgment, a 105-page decision that is the first in India to directly guarantee rights for homosexuals.
7 Health Benefits Of Hugging You Didn't Know
Friday, July 07, 2017

Everyone likes a hug. But who knew it could actually make you better? It's been proven scientifically that hugs can help us in several ways.
The Real Key To Weight Loss, No It's Not Diet Or Exercise
Celebrating Mother's Day 2010
World Mental Health Day 2008
Celebrate your love
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Health Tips
Bonding with your baby
Start bonding with your baby as early as the second month by using touch, sound, smell and sight and use lots of colourful musical objects as stimulants.
Other Health Tips
How to overcome stress?
Stress Management
Stress management
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