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The Rise In Cesarean Deliveries Is Not Normal

The Minister of Women and Child Development has brought to notice the high number of c-sections that are being performed in India despite WHO's guidelines.

The Rise In Cesarean Deliveries Is Not Normal

C-sections performed in India are much higher than the stipulated 15%

Have you ever wondered what makes a doctor decide whether you'll give birth through a cesarean or the natural vaginal way? Natural deliveries are more painful than c-sections but delivering the a normal way means that you'll be back on your feet earlier. This is because unlike a c-section, there aren't any stitches involved. So going for a cesarean does mean extra money in your hospital's pocket because of the extra effort in surgery and hospital stay.

According to medical rules and WHO guidelines, cesareans are only supposed to be chosen from the options when there are considerable complications in the delivery that can harm the health of the mother or child. But a recent letter sent to the Health Ministry by the Minister of Women and Child Development, Maneka Sanjay Gandhi pointed out that in some Indian states, the proportion of c-sections out of total deliveries was extremely high, at 54% in Telangana and 34% in Tamil Nadu. The WHO specifies that only 10-15% of the total deliveries should be caesareans because that what the actual rate of complications truly is.

In view of this letter, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has asked all private hospitals who are empanelled under the the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) to display authentic data about the total deliveries performed through a cesarean vs vaginal deliveries at the reception areas of the hospitals. Additionally, to ensure that C-Section is given only to those women who actually require it, a report titled 'Deciphering the Determination and Impacts of Rising Rate of C-Sections and offering Potential Solutions' has been disseminated to all the state governments and UT administrations.

Minister JP Nadda also said that the ministry will be taking a series of measure to control this worrisome increase in c-sections.

Not just this, states have been directed to conduct periodical prescription audits of the health facilities specifically on this issue.The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India has also been addressed and urged to inform patients and doctors about the harmful effects of unwarranted c-sections for women. 

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