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Mother's Day 2017: How To Foster That Special Bond

The feeling of trust and a sense of safety and comfort that one derives from one

Mother's Day 2017: How To Foster That Special Bond

On this Mother's Day, let us focus on the impact of a healthy parent-child relationship on one's overall emotional health. Research has shown time and again that a warm relationship is foremost in experiencing a state of wellness, whether it is with family, friends or colleagues. Out of these, the most important by far is the relationship that an individual has or had with his or her parent.

Parents have a unique ability to give the love and security that become the building blocks of an individual's emotional integrity. The feeling of trust and a sense of safety and comfort that one derives from one's mother makes the person develop his or her own sense of emotional identity. A warm and a nurturing relationship ensures that we cultivate a similar relationship with our inner self and the outer world.

A strong relationship between the mother and child becomes a source of strength and support when life gets tough as we try to soldier on and face the harsh realities of a day to day living. Being able to share the stress with one's mother knowing that we won't be judged provides a safety net that not only helps in releasing the tension but it also instills a feeling that we are not alone which acts as a big reassurance.

A mother's unconditional love, care and acceptance gives the child a strong sense of being validated which in turn makes them emotionally resilient. Knowing that parents have our back lets us take on new challenges, venture into the unknown and test our limits without fearing failure. The risk taking ability increases for we are mentally and emotionally secure in the knowledge that no matter what, our parents are there with us and this generates an inner strength that reflects in our overall physical, emotional and social demeanour.

Sometimes all that one needs is a tender touch of his mother or a bear hug or have her sit patiently, listening and gently guiding us and letting us know that she trusts you and believes in you. It is all the therapy that one needs to feel emotionally safe and secure!
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