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How to prevent backache?

Backache can be experienced by anyone, irrespective of age, height, weight or gender.

How to prevent backache?

  1. Good posture – Posture plays a very important as in helping our muscles and bones stay within the center of gravity. Avoid sitting, standing or sleeping in a bad posture as it strains both the muscles and the bones which may in-time change the structure of the spine, contributing to back pain.

  2. Have a healthy weight -  Being overweight causes strain on our bones and joints, which contributes to backache. Try to watch your diet to prevent gaining weight.

  3. Have toned muscles – Have toned abdominal and the back muscles. If you have strong muscles, your back will be well supported and this will help you keep a good posture as well.

  4. Exercise regularly – Exercising regularly and correctly prevents stiffness of back muscles.  This will also help ease our stressed muscles, preventing backache.

  5. Lift objects carefully - Most people who throw out their back do so by attempting to lift an object incorrectly. Lifting puts more stress on your back than any other activity, so be careful while lifting objects, especially heavy ones.

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