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Expert Profile

Dr Sanjiv Kandhari

Consultant Dermatologist,
Batra Hospital,
New Delhi
Monday, October 12, 2009

Dr Kandhari is a practising Consultant Dermato-Venerologist and Leprologist with twenty years experience both in teaching and practice. Having worked in AIIMS, and then as Consultant to various hospitals like Holy Family, St. Stephens, ESI, Northern Railway, is presently working as a visting Consultant to Batra Hospital, Escorts Heart Hospital, Sita Ram Bhartiya Hospital, Vimhans and Orthonova.

He is also the Associate editor of the National Journal for IADV & L (Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists), besides having written two books:
1. The skin-A book on Dermatology
2. Monograph on sexually transmitted disease

He has written various articles in National/International Journals and contributed chapters of two textbooks:
1. API textbook of Internal Medicine-Vakil
2. Textbook and Atlas of Dermatology-R.G. Valia

He was also appointed as the National Professor of Dermatology by the IMACGP for the year 1986-89, 90-92. He has been the President, Vice-President (1987-88), and Secretary (1986-87) of the IADV & L (Delhi State Board, and the Joint Secretary of the Organising Committee of the International Society of Dermatology Conference held at New Delhi 1994.

He was the Chief Organising Chairperson for the SARC summit in 2005. He is also member of Derma Trends Scientific Advisory board (2005 & 2006).
He is recipient of 'Dr. Sardari Lal Memorial' Award 2003 and 'Luminary-2005' Award, I.M.A., South Delhi.

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