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Prof Indraneel Mittra

Professor Indraneel Mittra
Dr Ernest Borges Chair in Translational Research and Professor Emeritus,
Department of Surgical Oncology
Tata Memorial Centre Tata Memorial Hospital and Advanced Centre for Treatment,
Research & Education in Cancer (ACTREC),

Dr.Indraneel Mittra is an internationally renowned cancer surgeon and a cancer research scientist. Earlier he was the Professor of Surgery and Chief of Surgical Breast Service at the Tata Memorial Hospital and at the same time the Head of the Division of Laboratory Medicine which he set up in 1986. In the field of public health, he was the principal investigator of one of the largest community-based randomised trials of early detection of cancer using low cost technology approaches. This trial involves 1.5 lakh women of Mumbai and is funded by the National Institutes of Health, USA. Prof. Mittra is the first Indian recipient of such a competitive grant from the NIH.

Professor Mittra obtained his basic medical degree from the University of Delhi in 1965; became Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of England (FRCS) in 1971, and obtained his PhD degree from University of London in 1977, in the field of cancer biology. He worked as a post-doctoral research fellow under the Nobel Laureate Dr. Renato Dulbecco at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories in London.

Other Affiliations
Professor Mittra is a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy and the Indian Academy of Sciences. He was conferred the Roll of Honour of the International Union Against Cancer, based in Geneva. He has been a visiting professor to many international institutions including the prestigious Pearce Gould Visiting Professorship to the University College, London, in 1999.
Professor Mittra is or has been on the editorial board of prestigious medical journals like the British Medical Journal, The Lancet Oncology, Nature Clinical Practice Oncology, British Journal of Cancer, The European Journal of Cancer, International Journal of Surgery, The Breast, Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology, Journal of Biosciences etc. He was the co-editor of a new international journal entitled Cancer Strategy. In the area of international affairs, he is the co-founder ofan international foundation called 'The Challenge Fund', dedicated to promoting original research in the field of cancer control in countries with limited resources.
Special Interests

Professor Mittra's clinical interest is breast cancer surgery, while his research interests are in the fields of clinical, laboratory and public health research in breast cancer. In the laboratory, Professor Mittra is currently working on molecular mechanisms of DNA damage and malignant transformation. Professor Mittra's hobbies are cooking, western classical music, reading and writing about the history and philosophy of science.

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Prof Indraneel Mittra
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