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Dr TS Jayalakshmi

Red Cross Society,
New Delhi

Dr. Jayalakshmi T.S. received her master’s degree in Anaesthesiology from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, in 1974.

She has conducted more than 50 different research works including rabies therapy, hypotensive techniques, electrolyte changes during Cardio Pulmonary Bypass and blood conservation techniques during surgical procedures. Her special interests include intensive care, pain therapy, preventive aspects of accidents and mishaps during anaesthesia and protection from HIV infection.

She has to her credit many scientific papers in both National and International Journals. She was on the editorial board of the Journal of Anaesthesiology & Clinical Pharmacology, "Recent Advances on Intensive Care", Advances in Pai n Therapy. and also past President of ISA Delhi Chapter. Dr. Jayalakshmi has been the Professor in the Deptt. of Anaesthesiology AIIMS, New Delhi. After her retirement in September 2005, she has joined the Indian Red Cross Society as Advisor health, Advisor Tracing and Additional Course Director for the PG Dploma Course In Disaster Preparedness and Rehabilitation.

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