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Dr Renu Kishore

Reader, Department of Psychology,
Daulat Ram College,
Delhi University

Dr Renu Kishore has been teaching at the Department of Psychology at Daulat Ram College at University of Delhi, presently holding the post of Senior Reader. Her specialisation areas are Counselling Psychology and Child Development.

Over the years Dr. Kishore has been academically active, presenting research papers at various national and international conferences, holding workshops and seminars and publishing research articles. Her achievements include a chapter titled "Children in Adoption and Foster-care: Mental Health concerns" in Bhardwaj, A (ed) "Child Guidance and Mental Health" (2002) published by the Child Guidance Centre of Department of Social Work, University of Delhi. She has recently authored a module on "Uses of Appraisal data in Counselling" for an International diploma course being developed by NCERT in collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning, Canada.

She is a member of several academic organisations, such as Association of Clinical Psychologists, Indian Academy of Applied Psychology and Indian Association for Family Therapy. She is invited regularly as a resource person for training programs organized by renowned institutions such as National Institute for Social Defence (NISD), National Institute of Criminology, as well as by NCERT. She is an executive member of CVARA, the Co-ordinating Voluntary Adoption Resource Agency at Delhi, and helps in dealing with the psychological issues related to the program of child adoption.

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