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7 Reasons Why Your Breast Size May Increase Suddenly

Is you breast size increasing suddenly? From pregnancy to weight gain, know the reasons which can contribute to increase in your breast size here.

Breast size can increase when you gain weight

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Increase breast size is something that many women experience. The first and foremost reason for increase in breast size is gain in weight, since breasts are made up of fatty cells. Mostly, people tend to be ignorant about change in the size of the breast, but one must be aware if the change is too visible. At times, an increase in the size of the breast might only strike a woman while buying new lingerie.

Here are some reasons why your breast is increasing:

1. Period

During a menstrual cycle, there is an expansion of progesterone and estrogen levels in the body after ovulation. This will not only make your breast look bigger, but will also make them more delicate. So, just before you're about to get your period, there are chances that your breast size becomes bigger.

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2. Pregnancy

The body undergoes various hormonal changes during pregnancy and hence, increase in the breast size during pregnancy is a completely normal phenomenon. The blood stream in our breast tissues tend to increase during pregnancy and this makes breasts bigger.

3. Weight gain

Many women are inquisitive if their breast size can increase after 3o. Well, the answer is affirmative in case you gain weight. Breasts contain breast tissue, conduits, lobules and fat tissue. Hence they get bigger as our body becomes bigger.

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4. Sexual intercourse

Foreplay and sexual intercourse increases the size of breasts. Sexual activities cause areolas to erect which in turn leads to the region around areolas to a certain extent.

5. Contraceptive pills

Certain ingredients in contraceptive pills can contribute to an increase in breast size.

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6. Breast lumps

Breasts often tend to look bigger because of breast lumps and medical attention is required to deal with it.

7. Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise and constant consumption of fattening food can lead to an increase in breast size. This can be signified also because women experience a decrease in the size of their breast when they lose weight. 

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