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What is short wave diathermy?

Q: I am a 24 year old married woman suffering from left sided lower abdomen pain. I have undergone laparoscopy and adhesions, endometriotic spots and cysts were removed. I have been advised short wave diathermy by my doctor. What is this procedure? How it is done, is it painful? How will it help me?

A:Short-wave diathermic current is a high frequency alternating current, which usually has a frequency of 10 million to 100 million cycles per second. It sets up oscillating electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 30 to 3 metres. It heats to a tissue depth of 2 to 3 cm and is used for heating large areas of body surface, which helps to reduce pain, spasm, and improves the circulation of the part. It is usually applied on the part with two pads which give a soothing warmth and relaxation to the part. This is usually given for 10 sessions for 15 minutes each. This should help your complaints. You can get this done at any physiotherapy clinic. If after 10 sessions you do not get relief, you require a re-evaluation.


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