healthy diet

Q: Which of the following should be preferred over the other as part of a healthy diet.a) a glass of milk. b) a glass of tomato soup. c) a glass of vegetable soup.I am confused specially in context of the fat contents of milk and the possibility of infection in milk due to illness of the cow/buffallo. Also specify the comparision in case of an adult and child separately.

A:All the three items you have mentioned are healthy foods depending on the way you prepare it. For example if you take a glass of skimmed milk with just little sugar in it, it will be healthy for you and also if you take a bowl of any fresh soup and do not enrich it with lot of cream or butter. But you cannot compare milk with soups boz milk supplies you with energy, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Whereas a bowl of fresh homemade soup primarily provides you with only vitamins and minerals.In context to your concern about getting infection from milk, it is always suggested to use pasteurised milk. If you are not sure about the quality of milk then always boil it well before use. Milk is preferred over soup for young and growing children but again they cannot be substituted because of the difference in their nutritive values.


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