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Tobacco Control
Drug abuse (addiction) involves compulsively seeking to use a substance, regardless of the potentially negative social, psychological and physical consequences. Certain drugs, such as narcotics and cocaine, are more physically addicting than some other drugs. One may have an emotional, psychological or a physical dependence.
Secondhand smoke and hearing loss in teens
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exposure to secondhand smoke could affect hearing development in children and increase their risk of hearing loss during adolescence.
Smoking increases ALS risk
Smoking raises breast cancer risk
Third-hand smoke poses health risk
Passive smoking kills 600,000 worldwide
Smoke-free laws help kids breathe easier
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Top 5
Tips to quit smoking
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Really wanting to quit smoking is very important to how much success you will have in quitting.
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Health Tips
Exercise can help you stay away from cigarettes
Exercise can help you stay away from cigarettes. Women who included exercise as part of their 12 week smoking cessation programme were twice as likely to remain cigarette free as those who did not exercise as part of their quit-smoking programme.
Other Health Tips
Quit smoking today
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