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5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water Stored In A Clay Pot

Drinking water from a clay pot or matka has a lot of health benefits to offer. If you don't drink water from a clay or earthen pot then you are missing out on all the health benefits it has to offer.

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water Stored In A Clay Pot

There are some real health benefits of drinking water from a clay pot

The earth is rich in various vitamins and minerals. The earthen pots have the same properties the earth consists of. Our ancestors were aware of these qualities which is why they swore by these clay pots. Even now some households follow this ritual, and prefer keeping water in these pots instead of using refrigerators. This is because these pots contain natural goodness and other health promoting qualities like-

1. Natural cooling springs

The porous nature of the clay pots aid in natural cooling of the water. Clay pots not only cool the water down, they also provide healing with the elements of earth. Most significantly, clay pots transfer the chill to the water based on the climate. This quality of a clay pot is unique, and no other container has the same quality. They are also cost effective and economical in nature.

2. Alkaline in nature

Since clay is alkaline in nature it helps to maintain the Ph balance in our bodies, since the human body is known to be acidic in nature. The alkaline clay interacts with the acidity of water and provides the proper pH balance. This water can help curb acidity and in turn provides relief from gastronomic pains. This nature of clay is quite useful and is one of the few well-documented benefits of drinking water from an earthen pot.

3. Improves digestion and metabolism

Drinking water from a clay pot can help improve metabolism without dangerous chemicals like BPA which can be found in plastic bottles and containers. Drinking water from a clay pot can also help maintain a level of testosterone in your body, as opposed to plastic, which in turn reduces the amount of testosterone in our body. The minerals present also help tp improve digestion.

4. Treats a bad throat

The water stored in an earthen pot is gentle on the throat. It is an ideal drink for people suffering from cough or cold. It is the best option for people suffering from respiratory diseases during the summer, since water from the fridge can be too cold to consume and the water that's been kept outside in plastic bottles is too warm. The water out of clay pot is perfectly chilled rich in earthy goodness to quench your thirst.

5. Prevents sun strokes

Drinking water from earthen pots is known to prevent episodes of sunstroke during summers when they are very common. Since it proves the body with necessary nutrients and vitamins to maintain the body glucose and prevents us from heat strokes.

If you are currently not using a clay pot to store water, it is recommended to do so today! It is also important for us to remember and clean the pot every 2-3 days and restock fresh water.

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