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'No time to exercise' won't work, intense bursts would

Short-term high-intensity interval training (HIT) is a time efficient way of exercising.

'No time to exercise' won't work, intense bursts would

Short-term high-intensity interval training (HIT) is a time efficient way of exercising.

It has been known for years that repeated moderate long-term exercise tunes up fuel and oxygen delivery to muscles and aids the removal of waste products. Exercise also improves the way muscles use the oxygen to burn the fuel.

HIT is a kind of workout that involves doing a number of short bursts of intense exercise with short recovery breaks in between. It is time efficient as well as a safe alternative to traditional types of moderate long-term exercise.

Researchers studied seven Canadian young men who performed six training sessions over two weeks to determine the performance, metabolic and molecular adaptations to a more practical low volume high-intensity interval training.

It was found that HIT produces the same physical benefits as conventional long duration endurance training despite taking much less time and actually doing less exercise. Doing 10 one-minute sprints on a standard stationary bike with about one minute of rest in between, three times a week, works as well in improving muscles as many hours of conventional less strenuous long-term biking.

The study shows that HIT stimulates many of the same cellular pathways that are responsible for the beneficial effects we associate with endurance training.
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