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How to overcome shyness in children?

Help the child identify and talk about his emotions.

How to overcome shyness in children?

  • One way to help a child overcome shyness of certain social situations is to help him feel understood and accepted. Also, help the child identify and talk about his emotions. Let the child know that being shy is not a character flaw and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Set an example for the child. Children learn a great deal through observing the behaviour of parents and others. Parents who want their children to act more outgoing should themselves act outgoing whenever possible in front of the children.

  • Reward the child for outgoing behaviour. For example, whenever he acts outgoing, praise him. Praise even slight improvements in behaviour.

  • Help the child develop social skills by providing him opportunities to experience social situations. For example, encourage the child to invite a friend or friends over or to go over to a friend's house.

  • Do not push a child into a situation, which he sees as threatening. Help the child feel secure and provide interesting materials to help him participate in social situations.
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