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Beating Examination Stress

To increase productivity and take the exams well, it is necessary - besides studying hard – to kill the stress by focusing on eating habits, sleep patterns, mental and physical fitness.

Beating Examination Stress

It's exam time again! Time for sleepless nights, revision stress, sample papers and lots of tension! Most students sweat as the date of examinations approaches. Many a times, this lack of calmness causes them to under-perform. To increase productivity and take the exams well, it is necessary - besides studying hard - to kill the stress by focusing on eating habits, sleep patterns, mental and physical fitness. Here is some advice to tide over those anxious moments:-

  • Eat right - A balanced diet is important, especially during examinations. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide reserves of energy and boost your ability to concentrate. Junk food like pizzas, burgers, and deep fried foods like chips and pakoras are a strict NO-NO. Spicy and salty foods just prior to the exams can lead to sluggishness during the exams. Excess tea, coffee and chocolates should also be avoided. These may stimulate you temporarily, but they will also get you tired.

  • Take care of your eyes - Examination time means a lot of reading, writing and strain. Make sure not to overexert or strain your eyes. Make sure there is ample light in the room when you are studying. Reading with a night lamp is a strict no-no. Avoid leaning on the table or reading in the sleeping position for a long time as it will strain your eyes. Rest your eyes every half an hour or so; blinking also helps. Avoid rubbing the eyes. Splash your eyes with cold water at regular intervals.

  • Get adequate sleep - Do not compromise on sleep. A sound sleep of at least 6-7 hours is vital during exam days. Staying awake all night to study before the exam is not a good idea as it will make you feel tired and sluggish during the exam.

  • Practice relaxation exercises - Practice deep breathing exercises, meditation, and other relaxation exercises as part of your daily routine during the examinations. This will not only help you kill the examination stress but also help you concentrate more and learn quickly.

  • Take small breaks - As soon as you notice you are losing concentration, take a short break. During your break-time, you could take a stroll, listen to some relaxing music or just take a short nap of 15 minutes. This will help your feel refreshed and you would be able to concentrate on your studies again in a better way.

  • Get active - Exercise, physical exercise like running, jogging, skipping for 15-20 minutes a day will help you feel stress free and mentally fit.
The above tips will surely help you if you are grappling with exam phobia and struggling to concentrate on studies.

Best of Luck!!!
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