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Help Your Kids Fight Childhood Obesity With 4 Easy Hacks

Childhood obesity is dangerous since it tends to make the weight gain permanent, leading to cardiovascular diseases. But you can make some simple changes in your child's routine to fight obesity.

Help Your Kids Fight Childhood Obesity With 4 Easy Hacks

Childhood obesity can be tackled with simple changes in the kid's lifestyle


  1. Use smaller plates and forks for eating & encourage 4-5 small meals
  2. Don't use junk food as reward & sneak in vegetables in favorite snacks
  3. Sugar is bad! Cut out ketchup, candies and coke or limit it drastically
It may not just be your kids who are to blame if they are overweight. Obesity can happen due to a lot a causes, most of which are often easily ignored by us. It can make your child extremely conscious of his body image, lead to depression and serious health problems later in life. This includes diabetes, liver failure and heart diseases. In India, 22% children between the age groups of 5-19 are obese or seriously overweight. That is over 14 million children. But childhood obesity can be controlled and prevented if you know what exactly to target.

Here are 4 things you can do to help your kids fight obesity:

1. Develop healthier eating habits

One good habit is eating food in small portions. Portion size matters because very often, kids can't differentiate between small and bug ones and end up overeating. Moreover, eating smaller meals frequently is better for digestion and doesn't make the kid hungry soon. Also aim to make your kid's favorite dishes healthier like by using olive oil instead of butter, making sauces yourself and sneaking more vegetables in pasta and pizzas.

2. Cut out high-sugar and high-fat

Sugary food is as bad for your kid's health as smoking because it brings an instant spike in blood sugar. Strike off packaged juices and carbonated beverages like coke from you kid's diet and limit intake of desserts and ice-cream to twice a week. High-fat and fried food is also dangerous as it can lead to high cholesterol. Make your child understand this and avoid using junk food as rewards for good behavior.

3. Encourage basic physical activity

Even going up and down the stairs or walking to the nearby grocery store are good exercises to avoid weight gain in children. Encourage your kid to play football, cricket or join swimming or dance classes as this will help in decreasing his blood pressure and reducing stress. Additionally, this will strengthen his bones, thus helping him fight obesity. Simple obstacle races and child marathons are also a good idea.

4. Switch off the TV

According to some studies, children burn more or an equal amount of calories sleeping as watching TV. Sedentary TV hours add considerably to weight gain. Video games, computer and TV all encourage your child to stay indoors and not work out. If you child spends enough time playing outside, ask him to clean his bed or do some gardening with you to avoid watching TV. 

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