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What are the characteristics of a paedophile?

Written by : DoctorNDTV Team

A paedophile exhibits certain characteristics common to all such offenders:

  • These people often have failed marriages due to their sexual interests. The wife prefers to keep quiet to avoid social stigma and disgrace.
  • He displays a fascination or unusual interest in children.
  • He may use inappropriate and exaggerated terms for children such as “pure”, “God sent” or “blissful”.
  • His hobbies commonly belong to the child’s world such as toy collecting, building models of cars and planes and his room may be decorated in a child’s theme.
  • He is generally single and has few or no friends of his age.
  • He has systematic and prolonged access to children. Jobs such as that of school teachers, photographers, school counsellors and sports coaches serves his need well.
  • Paedophiles are very adept at locating troubled or withdrawn children and lavish gifts upon the target and take him for activities in which they are left alone with no parental supervision.
  • If the target is a troubled child, the paedophile will comfort and sympathize with him or her and often, over a period of time, the child will develop feelings for the offender even though he is being actively abused, a phenomenon called “Stockholm syndrome”.

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