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The First Year

Written by : DoctorNDTV Team
Checked by : Dr N Ananthakrishnan
Head of Department of Surgery,
JIPMER, Pondicherry

Up to six weeks

At this stage, the baby will exhibit the most primitive form of speech - crying and gurgling. When you smile at her, your baby will respond by gurgling at you.

Three to four months

This is the moment when you hear your baby say “Ma” or “Pa” for the first time. It is thrilling to think that the baby is calling out to you,
but in fact your baby does not understand the significance of what she has said.

Seven months

Your baby will progress to two-syllabled words, which are formed by repeating the first syllable – “mama”, for instance. She will also
become more responsive to the sound of human voices and to music.

Eight months

Your baby will continue her babbling, but now she will try to shout to attract your attention. She will listen to your conversations with others, turning her head from one person to the other. She will try to sing along with music.

Nine months

She will start combining syllables and phrase them like sentences.

Ten to eleven months

It is time to look out for your baby’s first “real” word. It will probably relate to what is most important in her little world. It is very likely that the baby will have difficulty pronouncing consonants until the age of four or five. She will have a tendency to drop the consonant from the beginning or the end of words. There is no fixed deadline by which your child should be speaking. However, if your child has not started speaking by the time she is two and a half, you must seek expert help.

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