Tips For Mental Wellness

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Try these tips that will help keep you centred and balanced and improve your mental wellbeing. 

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Value self

Always treat yourself with respect, love and kindness. Value yourself and your time and spend it qualitatively. 

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Connecting with people can help you build a sense of belonging, provide emotional support and self-worth. It also helps share experiences.

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Stay active

Physical activity causes certain chemical changes in the brain which can have a positive impact on your mood. 

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Body care

Physical health is related to mental health - so take care of both! Eat well, avoid smoking and alcohol, exercise and sleep well!

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New skills

Learning new skills can improve your mental wellbeing as it boosts self-confidence and increases self-esteem. 

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Acts of giving and kindness has a positive impact on one's mental health as it ignites positive feelings and a sense of reward. 

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Cope with stress

Cope with stress by practicing good coping skills, you could try yoga, a nature walk, meditate, write, play and laugh. 

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Mindfulness helps being aware of self, enjoying each moment and understanding yourself better. It can change the way you feel about your life and self.

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