The Many Benefits Of Holy Basil/ Tulsi 

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Holy basil or tulsi is a part of almost every Indian household. This auspicious plant is loaded with several amazing health benefits too. 

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One of the healthiest ways to add holy basil to your diet is by preparing tulsi tea.

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Make the tea

Boil some tulsi leaves in water, add ginger to enhance the taste. Boil the mixture, once done strain the tea and add lemon and honey.

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Boosts oral health

Tulsi leaves are loaded with anti-microbial properties which help promote overall oral health by controlling harmful bacteria and germs in the mouth.

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Eases arthritis pain 

Holy basil helps in controlling inflammation and joint pain.

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Blood sugar levels

Studies suggest that tulsi is beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels and other symptoms of type-2 diabetes.

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Boosts immunity

Tulsi is one of the herbs which can help you boost immunity and help you fight diseases.

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Heart protective

Bad cholesterol levels are linked with a higher risk of heart disease. Adding tulsi to your diet can help in controlling bad cholesterol levels.

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