The Goodness Of Mangoes

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The king of fruits i snot only delicious but full of nutrients. Let's see what health benefits it offers.

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Mangoes contain digestive enzymes and bioactive compounds which promote effective and natural digestion. 

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Mangoes bring a glow to your skin and can also surprisingly cure acne. 

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Mangoes, rich in vitamin C and A, produce collagen protein which help protect blood vessels and connective tissues and hecne slow down the ageing process

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Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene, which enhances immunity of the body keeping it safe from toxins and bacteria. 

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Heat stroke

Juice of green mangoes helps cool down the body and prevent it from damage. This one is a powerful remedy for a heat stroke.

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During pregnancy the requirement of iron can be fulfilled with increased consumption of mangoes.

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Weight gain

The starch content in this fruit effectively transforms into sugar and adds on to your body as weight.

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Mangoes are rich in fibre and vitamin C, beneficial for cholesterol while keeping our blood lipid levels in check.

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Eye health

Mangoes are helpful at protecting the eyes and the damage caused by free radicals on account of carotene and zeaxanthin.

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