Superfoods Found In Your Kitchen 

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Superfoods may be the answer to your quest for good health. From disease prevention, weight management to healthy hair and skin, they provide some amazing health benefits. 

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Superfoods don't have to be exotic and expensive foods found in health stores. Some of the best superfoods can be easily found right in your kitchen! Let's see what these are and how we can use them

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Turmeric has been touted as the king of all superfoods and is an integral part of every Indian kitchen. Turmeric contains curcumin which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is a powerful antioxidant. 

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Several studies have proven its efficacy against various diseases like depression, arthritis, heart diseases etc. Haldi can be added to almost everything including curries, salads, tea, milk etc.     

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Amla is a powerhouse of vitamin c, calcium and iron. It helps boost immunity, fight infections and keeps the skin healthy. You can have it raw, in form of a vegetable, as juice or powdered. 

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Garlic can help combat common cold and flu, it helps improve cholesterol levels, lower risk of heart disease etc. You can consume it raw or add it to your dals, soups and sauces.

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This dairy product has great probiotic value and is great for your gut. It helps boost immunity, increases metabolism and boosts skin and hair health. You can have it as is or add fruits of your choice and seeds. 

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Dalia or broken wheat is rich in fibre and manganese. It aids weight loss and helps lower blood sugar levels. Make this your go to breakfast! 

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Cumin is a staple in Indian cooking. It has been used for years to aid digestion or ease a stomach cramp. Cumin helps reduce inflammation in the body and aids in weight loss. 

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This humble fruit found in every household has many important nutrients. It supports heart health, improves digestion, improves insulin sensitivity and aids weight loss by keeping you full.

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Also known as fox nuts, these tasty bites help improve blood pressure, strengthen bones, aid in weight loss, lower blood sugar values and have anti-ageing properties. Eat it as a guilt free snack!

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