Summer Fruits You Cannot Afford To Miss

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With the summer season here, it is the time to indulge in the goodness of fruits that are not only delicious but highly nutritious. 

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The king of fruits, mango contains antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre and several other essential nutrients. It can help keep digestive issues at bay.

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Interestingly, watermelon is almost 92% water. The high water content of this fruit can keep you hydrated. It is also loaded with beneficial plant compounds.

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Muskmelon is a fibre-rich fruit that helps boost immunity and promote heart health. Even its seeds are nutrient-dense.

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Packed with beneficial plant compounds, peaches can help combat oxidative damage. Eat fresh peaches for better digestion, immunity and skin and heart health.

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Banana may aid in weight loss. This low-calorie fruit is very nutritious and filling. It is known as one of the best potassium sources that can assist in regulating blood pressure.

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Litchi is a small juicy fruit with an amazing taste. It is a good source of several vitamins, minerals, and healthy antioxidants.

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Pineapple contains disease-fighting antioxidants and can help you fight inflammation. Pineapple juice is also a popular remedy for cough.

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