Feeding Smart Right From The Start

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Kid's nutrition

“Eat Today for Tomorrow” is a mantra that resonates quite well when it comes to child nutrition. Kids need a foundation of healthy eating to thrive physically and mentally in childhood and during later years of life.

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NNW 2021

National Nutrition Week is observed from 1st to 7th September. Here are tips from nutritionist Nmami Agarwal that can help ensure that you are feeding your little ones smart, right from the start.

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Teach the little ones

Cut unhealthy food items from their diet and take gradual steps to change their eating patterns. Plan their meals healthily and try to cook innovative recipes to keep them interested. 

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Show creativity

Kids love bright colours. Cut fruits into various shapes and sizes. You can also blend vegetables and fruits into smoothies to ensure a power-packed nutrition punch. 

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Healthy swaps

Kids love sweets, chocolates and guilty indulgences. Instead of depriving them of their favorite dessert, try healthier alternatives. Bake cakes using whole wheat or oats flour. Add jaggery, dates or figs puree for sweetness.

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Replace ice-creams with frozen fruit delicacies like frozen banana topped with dark chocolate or hung curd with some blended-in fruits like blueberries, strawberries, or mango for the appealing colours.

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Prioritize meal timings

In this digital era, it has become easier to feed kids with some screen time. But in the long run, it can lead to unhealthy eating patterns. Set aside meal timings like a routine- it will accustom their body clock accordingly. 

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Become a role model

Let kids naturally pick up healthier habits from you. While, it's okay to indulge once in a while along with your kids, but ensure you're the right role model for them from the very beginning. 

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Cook with them

Involve your kids in the process of cooking so that they really know about the efforts that go behind. Cooking with your kids will also nurture them with the idea of less food wasting and may help. 

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Cheat sometimes

Make sure you get your kids into eating their favorite food once in a while. This will help them manage their food cravings instead of cultivating a love-hate relationship with food.

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Smart from the start!

Small, gradual steps taken today can ensure bigger and positive changes for tomorrow. So, make sure you are feeding your little one's smart right from the start! 

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