Effective Ways To Ease Menstrual Cramps

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Many women may experience discomfort around abdomen, lower back and thighs while menstruating.

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Use heat

Using a heat pad or a hot water bottle can help you deal with menstrual related discomfort. A warm bath will also help you relax.

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Eat healthy

Avoid foods that can lead to bloating and water retention. Add nutrient-rich foods like fresh fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds and more.

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Avoid caffeine

Caffeine can make your cramps worse. Replace coffee with herbal teas like chamomile tea, ginger tea or green tea.

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Try yoga

Yoga can be helpful in dealing with menstrual cramps. Child's pose, knees-to-chest pose and camel pose are some yoga asanas to try.

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Stay active

Regular exercise can help deal with cramps to a great extent. Exercise daily and do some gentle exercises during periods. 

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Avoid these

Avoid consuming too much salt, alcohol, sugary foods and beverages, and oily foods for a hassle-free period.

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If you experience severe pain, heavy bleeding or irregular period, consult your doctor to address the issue.

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