Infertility: 7 Important Signs You Must Know

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For a couple trying to have a baby, infertility can be a nightmare! From eating disorders to endometriosis, there can be many causes. Don't wait and watch out for the telltale signs of infertility.

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Period problems 

If you get irregular, painful or no periods, it is not normal. If they are irregular, bleeding and hurting more than usual, it could signal infertility. 

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Skipping periods 

Skipping a month or two of periods is also not normal. It points towards PCOD. And painful and irregular periods point towards endometriosis. Both point towards infertility. 

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Uterine bleeding

One can experience bleeding which is not due to periods. These can be due to fibroids, which are tumors, usually, benign, and can lead to infertility.

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Painful sex

Sex is not supposed to be painful. If you experience pain during sex and even after it, it is not something you should ignore. It could be endometriosis increasing risk of infertility. 

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Facial hair

Increase in testosterone levels can result in excess hair on the face, chest and abdominal region. These indicate an imbalance in sex hormones which needs a check to prevent infertility.

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Weight gain

Unexplained weight in women points points towards PCOD which is again a risk factor for infertility.

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Low sex drive

A low sex drive rarely points towards infertility, but it indicates factors responsible for infertility. Low libido could be due to depression, stress or due to pain during sex.

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Most of the conditions discussed are treatable, so if you experience any symptom plan a visit to your doctor for timely treatment. 

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