Holi: Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair 

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The festival of colours is here! Here are some tips from expert that can help you protect your skin and hair.

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Holi colours contain a lot of chemicals so best to not just cover your face but also your body with a thick layer of moisturiser that locks in the moisture of the body. 

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Cover up

It would be a good idea to cover the body as much as you can to minimise the direct contact of the colour to the body.

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Use sunscreen

Sunblock is mandatory as Holi is an outdoor festival and it helps the skin from sun damage. Apply your sunscreen at least 20 mins before you step out.

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Olive oil

Applying olive oil before you step out will help in the elimination of the colour post the celebration. It helps as a barrier between the skin and the colour.

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After holi care

Use cold water instead of hot or lukewarm water as it makes it tougher to get rid of the colour. Cold water helps in dissolving the colour better than the hot water. 

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Face wash

Use a face wash which has foam as it helps better to remove the colour. The foam generated helps in removing the dirt particles

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Oil body

Apply olive oil all over your face or body and let it settle for a half-hour which will help in washing away the colours and dust particles. 

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Do not scrub

Wash away everything with a proper cleanser and avoid intense scrubbing and washing may dry out the skin. 

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