Post-Workout Meal: Options To Try

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Your body works to repair and develop those muscles post-exercise and to replenish its glycogen stores. These foods well help ensure you consume the carbs and proteins your body needs.

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Peanut butter

You will feel more satisfied due to the protein boost from the peanut butter, which may help you resist binges and cravings after working out.

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Oatmeal is well known for giving individuals a lot more energy and for relaxing the body. To make your oats more delicious, top them with some fruit and nuts.

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Fruit bowl

Fruits are rich in carbs and various other nutrients that reduce cravings for unhealthy foods. Eating a bowl could also boost mood.

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Yogurt cup

A cup of greek yogurt or just curd could work as a great post-workout snack. Add some fruits or nuts to further enhance its taste and nutritive value. 

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Paneer aka cottage cheese is rich in protein and various other nutrients that improve bone health. Wheat roll provides with carbs that further restore energy levels. 

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Avocado toast

Foods rich in protein, carbs and healthy fats act as great post-workout as they help restore energy levels. An avocado and egg toast provide us with all three.

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Add these to your diet to restore your glycogen and to boost your energy. Otherwise, you'll be too tired to perform rest of the day-to-day activities.

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