Managing Arthritis Pain In Winters

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Arthritis Pain

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The winter season is a surely a difficult time for people suffering from arthritis. Pain tends to flare up in this season, with an increase in stiffness in muscles and joints

Dress appropriately

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Dress up appropriately with proper layers to keep your joints warm. It will improve blood circulation to the joints and reduce stiffness and pain.

Take warm baths

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It is an effective method to provide warmth to your joints. Moisturise your skin and wear enough layers immediately after your bath. 

Eat healthy

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Vitamin D is keeps your bones and joints healthy. Patients with arthritis should also ensure optimum omega-3 intake to control inflammation. Take supplements if prescribed by your doctor.

Hydrate well

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Adequate intake of fluids eliminates toxins from the body and provides lubrication to the joints. It will further prevent muscle cramps.

Stay active

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Regular physical activity even when indoors might help elevate the pain. Exercising regularly will keep your joints in motion.

Heat therapy

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Using a heat pad reduces inflammation and pain. It helps improve joint mobility and relieve pressure from joints.

Control stress

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Stress takes a toll on the human body and aggravates any pre-existing disorder. It triggers inflammation in joints. Practise deep breathing, yoga and meditation to keep stress at bay.

Ointments or massages

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Topical application of ointment that has been prescribed by your doctor can give you some relief. Oil massages can also be helpful

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