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Tips To Overcome A Weight Loss Plateau

Losing weight can be a challenging process. Initially, you see a drop in your body weight with the help of diet and exercise. But at some point, the scale stops budging.


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This inability to lose weight is known as the weight loss plateau. Everyone goes through this phase at some point during the weight loss journey.


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However, simple modifications can help you past the weight-loss plateau. Try these before you plan on giving up on your fitness goals.

Break the plateau

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To break the weight loss plateau, increase the repetition or intensity of your workout. Also, focus on strength training for better outcomes.

Rev up your workout

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Water plays a crucial role in weight loss. It reduces unnecessary cravings, flushes out toxins and prevents salt retention.

Drink water

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Stress can also put breaks on weight loss as it can trigger food cravings. Try meditation or breathing techniques to control stress.

Manage stress

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Track everything you eat in a day to understand the changes you need to make. It will help you determine whether you need to increase or decrease your daily calorie consumption.

Check your diet

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Consuming more fibre will help you suppress hunger and keep your digestion healthy. It will also prevent constipation.

Eat more fibre

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Enough protein intake may help in reversing a weight loss stall. Protein boosts metabolism, reduces hunger and helps in building muscle mass.

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Have protein

Exercising regularly is important for sustainable weight loss, but it is equally important to stay active throughout the day as it will help you burn more calories.

Move more

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