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Squats Challenge 
3 Variations
To Try

Squats can be your go-to exercise if you want toned legs and thighs. A legs workout is simply incomplete without exercises like squats and lunges.


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Repeated squats can help in burning calories. They have a toning effect which prevents fat accumulation around thighs and buttocks. 


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Fitness expert Kayla Itsines shared certain variations of squats that can level up the exercise and make it more challenging. 

Squats variations

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These moves are perfect if you want to push yourself with a higher-intensity workout, says Itsines. 


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Regular barbell squats need to be done with a barbell, and is hence gym-based. Bonus points if you have a barbell at home. 

Barbell squats

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This one can be done at home. You can do it with regular weights as well. 

Double pulse squat

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This move too can be done at home even if you don't have weights. Watch carefully to see the pause time for each move. 

Slow tempo+pulse

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