Some Common Exercises For Beginners

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Exercise can help to improve mental function, reduce your risk for chronic disease and manage your weight. Here are some different kinds of exercises.

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Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise are the most common kind of exercises and are the core of any fitness program. These include swimming, running, and dancing.

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Strength training

Strength training exercises help increase muscle strength and power. Examples of these include resistance training, plyometrics, weightlifting, and sprinting.

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Balance & stability

These exercises are designed in a way that they strengthen your muscles and improves body coordination. Pilates, tai chi poses, and core-strengthening exercises are a few examples.

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A HIIT plan includes repetitions of short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by low-intensity exercises or rest periods.

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This group of exercises are usually performed without gym equipment using large muscle groups. They include exercises like lunges, sit-ups, pushups, and pull-ups, etc.

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Flexibility exercises help not in just muscle recovery, but also help maintain range of motion, and prevent injuries. Yoga or individual muscle-stretch movements help increase flexibility.

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Boot cmaps

These are timed-based, high-intensity circuits that combine aerobic and resistance exercises.

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The activities listed can be done individually or combined as part of a fitness plan. The important thing is to do what works best for you and to have fun with it.

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