7 Smart Tips For A Toned Body

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A toned body is a dream of every fitness enthusiast. It requires extra efforts to achieve a perfect body.

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While there's one cardinal rule of getting a toned body, which is a perfect balance between your diet and exercise, the other tips are as follows.

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Eat right

The first step to achieving any fitness goal is to eat right because your diet's contribution is as high as 80%. 

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Exercise right

Don't spend hours in the gym mindlessly! You need to choose the right workout according to your body type. You can choose a high-intensity workout for a toned body. 

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Drink water

A lack of water in can lead to muscle breakdown and your body also bloats up when you don't get an adequate amount of water.

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Sleep well

Inadequate sleep can also lead to increased body weight as it triggers hunger hormone which makes you eat more. 

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Count your calories

To tone your body you need to consume burn more calories than you consume. When you eat fewer calories and burn more, it results in weight loss. 

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Protein intake

Increase your protein consumption! Protein can really help in building and maintaining your muscles—which is obviously very important for toning up.

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Finely ground oats has been used to help treat dry and itchy skin. It may help relieve symptoms of various skin conditions like eczema.

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