Signs That You Are Overtraining 

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Overtraining occurs when you work out without allowing enough recovery time between sessions. Too much exercise can be harmful and hinder results. Are you overtraining? Here are some signs

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Performance decline

You may find you have less strength, agility, and endurance, which makes it more difficult to reach your training goals.

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Low motivation

Mental or physical exhaustion, the feeling that you're not achieving your fitness goals, can all lead to lack of motivation 

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Muscle pain

Extended muscle soreness, unhealed injuries are also signs of overtraining. Your injuries may come chronic or that linger for a long time.

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Reduced appetite

Working out too much can cause hormonal imbalances that influence how hungry you feel. It can cause exhaustion, reduced appetite, and weight loss.

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Overtraining can also affect your stress hormone levels, which could cause mood changes and mental. There could also be restlessness and a lack of concentration or enthusiasm.

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Fatigue is another sing of overtraining as the body repeatedly doesn't fully recover after work outs. You may feel excessively drained.

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Soreness, pain

Overstressing or pushing yourself over your limits can cause muscle strain, soreness and injuries. 

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Disturbed sleep

Overtraining can cause the stress hormones to be out of balance which makes it difficult to relax and let go of tension affecting sleep quality.  

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