6 Low Impact, Joint Friendly Exercises 

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Fear of pain in the joints or injury can often keep people away from exercising, although many conditions do improve with different types of exercise. 

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If you have concerns with joints or injuries, low impact exercises are a safe and effective method of exercise as they help you exercise while reducing the pressure on the joints. 

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Swimming is the most joint-friendly exercise as it is a low impact option. The water reduces stress on the body as it supports your weight, while incorporating cardio, strength, and flexibility.

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According to the WHO, low impact aerobic exercise such as swimming may be associated with a decreased risk of injury and provides benefits at the anthropometric, neuromuscular, metabolic, and psychological levels. 

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Rowing machine

The rowing machine, found in the gym, is done in a seated position, without forcing the joints in your legs to bear your weight. It is hence considered a low impact exercise. 

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Yoga can be enjoyed both indoors or outdoors and is good for the muscles! The asanas that involve simple moves  can enhance stability and increase flexibility.

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Walking may not seem like a workout, but studies suggest that it is one of the best forms of low impact exercise. Walking on a surface such as a track or a trail can put even less stress on the joints than walking on concrete.

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Water Aerobics

Aquatic fitness is a great alternative to traditional workouts as the water supports the body, putting less stress on the joints and muscles. While working out in water helps build strength, pushing against the water activates your muscles.

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Cycling offers a similar intensity as running, but without the stress on the joints. It helps workout the muscles, heart, and lungs.

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