Fitness After 60: Tips And Safe Exercises 

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A lot of changes occur as we turn older, not as much in the body but in the way we use our body.

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Sedentary life

A sedentary lifestyle, which is bound to have can lead to problems like obesity and heart disease.

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Issues at 60 

At 60, cell renewal slows down, bone mass falls and wear & tear of muscles becomes common. More the reason to exercise.

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Stretching exercises like head and shoulder rolls, wrist and ankle circles and forward-backward bending can help improve your flexibility.

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Aerobic exercise

After 60, muscle mass falls and metabolism slows down. Aerobic exercises help to increase your heart rate and burn fat.

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Resistance training

This helps to power up your immune system and prevent muscle loss.

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Knee raises

Osteoporosis is common after 60 which makes one more prone to fracture. Exercises for bone-building include bicep curls and knee raises.

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Swimming is an ideal workout for the 60 plus as it poses  little risk of injury and is low impact.

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To avoid injuries, avoid leg and back extensions. Also keep away from jump training, sprinting and lifting heavy weights.

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