Exercises Which Burn Maximum Calories

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The simple rule for weight loss is to burn as many calories as you can in a day. Exercises like running, cycling and swimming are considered to be the most effective for burning calories. Finding the right exercise regimen is important.  

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How many calories one burns depends on multiple factors, like how much you weigh and just how much the intensity is. Certain workouts do generally burn more than others. Lets look at some such workouts. 

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Many people resort to swimming for burning calories and weight loss. Slow freestyle laps for around half an hour can burn as much as 255 calories in one session. Doing the breaststroke or butterfly stroke can burn over 400 calories in half an hour.

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Aerobics is a fitness regime which involves intense jumping and dancing. They are essentially dance-based workouts, which can help in burning around 250 calories or more in a span of half an hour or more.

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Running helps burn significant calories. Running makes you lose 566–839 calories/hour at a 10-minute mile pace. If you run on a treadmill or use the cycle at the gym, make sure to do it at a suitable speed and resistance to be able to help you burn calories.

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Cycling, an excellent form of cardio, is great for no impact-cardio and for strengthening your knees and hamstrings. It can help burn 568–841 calories/hour. 

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Cross fit workout

A cross fit workout is one which involves different routines every day in order to maximise the number of calories you burn in a day. It involves both aerobic exercises as well as strength training. Cross fit is a highly effective fitness regimen for losing weight.

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Kickboxing works the upper body and core without a lot of impact to the legs, so it's great if you can't jump or have knee pain while jumping. It can burn upto 580-850 calories an hour. 

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Jumping rope

This blast from the past workout can burn up to 900 calories/hour when jumping 120 skips a minute. Jumping rope is great for developing coordination, core, calf and ankle strength, posture and endurance.

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