Winter Tips For Painful Joints 

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Winter can be a difficult time for people with stiff and painful joints. The cold air makes chronic joint pain even more agonizing to deal with.  Here are tips to deal with the pain this winter

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Heating pads 

There are different kinds of heating pads and most prove to be beneficial in alleviating the winter pain due to stiff joints. The heat soothes the painful joints. 

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Paraffin wax

This is a treatment for anyone with finger, hand, toe, or foot pain. Just dip your hand or foot into the warmed wax, wrap it with the plastic and hen it dries, slowly peel it off.

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When stepping out in the cold, layering yourself up with clothes helps keeping the stiffness and pain down. Keeping your head covered is important, too.

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Soothing baths

Soaking in hot water really helps get the joints moving on cold winter mornings. Adding epsom salt or essential oils helps ease inflammation and pain. Even a warm shower first thing in the morning is also helpful. 

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Even 20 minutes of stretching and some yoga can be very powerful in easing stiffness in joints. The American College of Rheumatology recommends doing stretching exercises 3-5 times a week to improve flexibility around affected joints.

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TENS unit

This is a a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit. You can purchase a portable one for home use - the stimulation it uses is really helpful for all types of pain, especially joint pain.

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A class on session on pressure points can really ease stiffness. Even foam rolling using a foam roller over legs, hips is simple but has a noticeable impact on stiff and painful joints.  

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Green tea

Drinking warm concoctions of any kind can have soothing effects in the winter. For those with rheumatoid arthritis, green tea is an especially good option due to its anti-inflammatory benefits that may help soothe inflammatory pain.

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