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World Health Day 2021: 5 Reasons Why Hydration Needs To Be Your Priority

World Health Day 2021: From nutrient absorption to regulating body temperature, here are the many reasons why you need to properly hydrated at all times.

World Health Day 2021: 5 Reasons Why Hydration Needs To Be Your Priority

World Health Day: Hydration is important to regulate body temperature


  1. World Health Day: Proper hydration facilitates good digestion
  2. It helps in improving nutrient absorption
  3. It also helps in flushing out toxins from the body

World Health Day 2021: The human body consists of approximately 60 percent water. In the COVID era, realising the importance of hydration for our health and well-being is of ultimate importance for a better quality of life. The daily water requirements depend on various factors- your health, how active you are and where you reside. Hydration is always of paramount importance, but especially in the hot Indian summer which makes us lose a lot of our body fluids through sweating.

World Health Day: A few of the many reasons why hydration is very important are listed below. 

1. Nutrition absorption

Considering your daily physical activities, you must replace what was lost. If following a moderate-high intensity workout regimen, it is important to consume water along with electrolytes preferably in an effervescent format which is easy for the body to absorb the nutrients. Water assists in dissolving the minerals and other required nutrients in order to make them accessible to the body parts.

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2. Flush out toxins

Prolonged time in the sun dehydrates the body, low-calorie sports drinks or coconut water is a good substitute to help regain the sodium and potassium lost while sweating keeping the body cool and content. A well-hydrated body helps increase concentration, flush out toxins, decrease headaches and improve the mood. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages as they pull fluids from your body putting you at a greater risk of dehydration.

3. Boon for the skin

As the skin is the largest bodily organ, hydration is the key to great glowing skin. It improves and helps maintain healthy skin. It also replenishes the skin internally. With the new normal, ensure to complete your daily dosage of liquid intake as it rejuvenates the skin, regulates the skin's texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


Drinking sufficient water can help you have a glowing skin
Photo Credit: iStock

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4. Regulate body's temperature

Staying fit and healthy was never this important as it is during the COIVD times. Water is the body's principal chemical component. There are food items great for hydration- watermelon, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries containing high amounts of water. Regulating the body's temperature, proper hydration protects the body organs and tissues while lubricating and cushioning the joints.

5. Great for the gut

Adequate liquid intake assists in improving digestion and gut health. It decreases the burden on the liver and kidneys through urination as the best way to measure hydration is basis the color of our urine, also assisting in the prevention of constipation. It is very difficult for the body to function efficiently which makes us more prone to fatigue and odd mood swings.

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(Varun Khanna is Biotechnologist and Co-Founder, Fast&Up)

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