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Why does my son behave like a girl?

Q: My 3.7 years old son is very naughty, shrewd, sharp, brilliant, intelligent and an active boy. But of late, his behaviour is worrying us. Quite often he asks us whether he is a boy or a girl? He is fond of girls' dresses and barbies, even though he also likes to play with cars and other toys. In his play school, it seems he is mingling more with girls of his age rather than moving with boys. He likes to apply lipstick and is fond of standing in front of the mirror. He cries a lot and becomes wild and adamant if we refuse to cater to his demands. Are these potential symptoms of one becoming a Eunuch? Or, is this any other sort of disorder? Or is it a common phenomenon among growing kids? Please help.

A:Every human being has both male and female hormones. Generally, a boy has more male hormones and a girl has more female hormones. Do not use the word eunuch for him. Tell him he is a boy, when he asks. If he likes to dress up like a girl once in a way, there is no harm. You will have to let him grow up normally and not feel too anxious if he is girlish. Some 10 years later, you may wish to consult a specialist for further help.


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