Q: For the last 2 years, I have been having the problem of imbalance which was attributed to fluid in the middle ear. I was prescribed meclizine initially along with mucolite. Presently I am having frequent attacks of dizziness, CT and MRI of brain is normal; mastoiditis detected . I am unable to walk steadily. Blood tests are normal and I am slightly overweight.

A:Your problem seems to be Vertigo, which is most probably due to an imbalance of the fluids in the inner ear. Though to fully establish this an investigation called electronystagmography may be required. If not already done an audiogram and an impedence test should be done. Since unsteadiness is a symptom which you also have, do get yourself re-evaluated by a neurologist. I would also recommend that as soon as you get stable you should stop the medication and undergo a series of exercises called the Cawthorne Cooksey Vestibular Exercises so that a central compensation takes place or to have the Eplyes canalith repositioning maneuver performed. These can be suggested to you or performed on you by your ENT Surgeon.


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